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Biticodes & BTC iPlex Pro App - AI powered crypto trading bot for beginners & advance traders alike.

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BitiCodes and its latest BTC Pro iPlex Ai is a powerful, innovative, and complete auto-trading software designed to catch opportunities in the market.

BitiCodes is a leading crypto artificial intelligence trading app. It works by automatically placing trades in your account so that you don't have to. Orders are triggered by highly precise algorithmic trading bots to strengthen your chances of making a profitable trade.

BitiCodes is automated trading software made to ensure the best trading experience and apply the most sophisticated trading strategies.

BTC Pro iPlex Ai is the most powerful solution among other artificial intelligence based automated trading platforms. It was designed in a way so that you will never miss a trading opportunity. BitiCodes is decentralized, meaning that it is not designed or sponsored by a central authority such as a bank or political party.

Your Biti Codes AI account and your personal information wil be secured by cryptographycal encryption. The trading systems by BitiCodes are proven to be among the best auto-trading bots.

Biticodes - You don't need to have trading experience to make optimal crypto trading decision

Everyday, more and more people are entering the financial markets to develop a greater financial stability. The concept of saving money each month became obsolete when people realised that it’s actually easier to make $10,000 than it is to save $10,000. With more people understanding this concept, investing has become a common way for people to make money, and in many cases, it has even become a main source of income.
A lot of people stay away from investing because they assume that they have ‘missed their chance’, but the reality is that we are only at the beginning, and there is still a long way to go. Top analysts predict that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the end of the year, so even if you’re buying Bitcoin at a high price, you’re looking at high returns in the long run.
The markets are so volatile, with people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who can change the direction of the market just by one tweet, it’s safe to say that even the most confident traders need some sort of security blanket to protect their funds. That’s why people use auto-trading software, especially when dealing with Crypto. Trading Crypto is arguably the most volatile market, and equally, it’s a market that can generate some of the highest returns, turning people into overnight millionaires. Even the best stocks available like Apple, Amazon, and Tesla cannot generate the same amount of quick returns as certain Cryptocurrencies can.
Bitcoin iPlex Pro Ai is one of the most accurate artificial intelligence bots in the industry. With Bitcoin iPlex Pro Ai innovative technology, you won’t need to have prior trading experience to make a profit. The software is designed to catch opportunities in the market, and because of its highly accurate technology, it’s considered much safer than trading on your own, no matter what your experience level may be. People have made trading errors because their emotions got the better of them, by either selling too fast or buying in too late because of fear of missing out, BitiCodes can help balance out the emotional side of trading with a more calculated and logical approach.
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What is BitiCodes, BTC Pro iPlex Ai powered version & how it can help you trade cryptocurrencies

BitiCodes is one of the industry’s most innovative automated trading platforms for beginner to seasoned traders. It allows for one of the most effortless trading experience thanks to its highly accurate functionalities. Even the most experienced traders cannot process market data and analyze market conditions as fast and as simultaneously as a computer can. Thanks to its’ strong algorithm, the BitiCodes quantum computing machine is designed to make quicker and more efficient trading decisions than our brains ever could.

Bit iPlex App is a Crypto multi-asset auto trading software with access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP, Cardano and many more of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It offers access to some of the most popular instruments in the industry. The software is multifunctional and fully customisable to cater to each individual traders needs.

The app works with high speed AI artificial intelligence algorithms. It offers access to some of the most popular instruments in the industry. The software is multifunctional and fully customisable to cater to each individual trader’s needs.
BitiCodes stands out of other automated trading systems by its’ reliability and functionality, that enables to apply the most sophisticated automated trading strategy or just stop losses by adjusting entries and exits.

What does Biticodes & our latest Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro has to offer

Bitcoin iPlex Pro & Biticodes

Immediate Intal 2.0: Revolutionizing Day Trading

Immediate Intal 2.0 redefines day trading with cutting-edge features, instant market analysis, and AI-based forecasts. Its standout feature is its ease of use, accessible to traders at any skill level. Ideal for both crypto trading novices and experts, Immediate Intal and Immediate Intal Ai versions cater to diverse needs. Prepare for a thrilling journey in crypto trading.

The Dawn of a New Era in Crypto Trading with Immediate Avapro Ai

Immediate Avapro Ai is revolutionizing crypto trading, offering state-of-the-art features, instantaneous insights, and AI-enhanced predictions. It stands out for being user-friendly, appealing to traders from novice to expert. Immediate Avapro and Immediate Avapro Ai versions are designed to meet diverse trading needs. Get set for a transformative crypto trading experience.


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BitiCodes iPlex is crypto auto-trading app designed by a team of expert developers and analysts to catch multiple crypto opportunities at once. For the last few years, people’s interest in Crypto has dramatically increased, this is due to the power of Crypto and the potential huge gains that come with it. Even some of the best stocks like Tesla, Amazon and Microsoft do not have the same growth potential as Crypto. Despite the volatility, people are still counting on Crypto to make a secondary source of income. Elon Musk once said: “Bitcoin’s structure is very ingenious. The paper money disappears, and cryptocurrencies are a much better way to transfer values than a piece of paper, that’s for sure.” People are using Crypto as a conventional payment method, and we’re still at the beginning of the hype. BitiCodes iPlex catches opportunities in the market faster than most auto-trading bots, with 96,2% accuracy. Some of the best stocks, like Elon Musk Tesla, can offer stable, long term returns, but crypto has the possibility to offer higher gains at a much faster pace. If you’re new to Crypto, or if you’re an experienced trader, safeguarding your trades with a crypto bot like BitiCodes iPlex will guarantee a safer, more stable profit gain.
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Yes, BitiCodes iPlex is considered one of the most reliable Crypto auto-trading softwares in the industry, which is why it is trusted by over 560,000 global users. You can check ‘biticodes review’, ‘BTC Codes review’, ‘biticodes review’ for in-depth software reviews.
Expert analysts are predicting that Bitcoin will reach $100,000, so even if you invest today at it’s current price, you could be looking at some drastic profits!
Many traders have made errors due to their emotions getting the better of them. Using the help of an auto-trading software can help you make the right decisions logically and efficiently. Even the best of traders find it useful to use Crypto auto-trading softwares to secure their profits.
You can spend as much time as you wish to depending on what you’re willing to commit to, but most users spend between 10-20 minutes a day on their account and then let the software do all the work.
” The price of Biticodes (including its BTC iPlex Pro Ai version) is zero. But in order to begin with the trading you must fund your account with one of the connected liquidity providers with at least 200 euro.”
On Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro version you can trade some of the most popular Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Solana, Cardano, XRP and many more.
After successful registration, one of the cooperating brokers will contact you to activate your account. All the necessary information will be given to you by the broker representative that will be in touch with you.
Yes, BitiCodes iPlex is a free software, but in order to perform an actual trade, you will need to make an initial deposit of $250.

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Biticodes & BTC iPlex Ai Pro - auto trading made easy!

The most successful crypto traders like Elon Musk, have mastered the world's most lucrative cryptocurrency trading techniques, including news trading and price trend analysis. News trading is highly effective in crypto, given the industry's sensitivity to news.

Any news related to the cryptocurrency industry tends to affect prices, with good news driving them up and bad news driving them down. Unlike any other financial market, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. Biticodes & BTC iPlex Ai Pro app is made to overcome this volatility.

Good news for trader needs to be able to get the relevant news and take positions before the markets can respond to the new information. This can be difficult since markets can adapt quickly to new information. Therefore, only traders with the right tools can successfully use the news trading technique.

When implemented properly, the price trend analysis approach involves analyzing historical price trends to determine future behavior.

Biticodes & BTC iPlex Ai Pro helps you identify opportunities in a split second and capitalize on news trading opportunities. We also have tools to help you analyze the markets quickly and profit from news trading opportunities.

Biticodes & BTC iPlex Ai Pro comes with a Stop Loss (SL) to close trades after a certain number of losses are reached, and a Take Profit (TP) to close trades when a certain profitability level is reached. Highly precise trading algorithms enable correct execution of this simple trading strategy.

We also provide a risk appetite questionnaire to help you gauge the risk per trade with your trading goal before going live to trade. Please note that the BitiCodes risk management software helps you monitor risk but not eliminate it completely. Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is extremely risky - so no software can eliminate risk fully.

Is bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies really a good investment?

Is investing in cryptocurrencies a good idea for 2022? Many people are unsure because of the volatile nature of the market, but others believe that there is great potential for earning a lot of money.

Bitcoin is a game-changing technology that will be much less risky to invest in by 2022. After it became legal tender in El Salvador, other governments will want to follow suit in order to attract innovation. However, some governments may choose to ban it outright in order to protect their existing fiat currencies.

The cryptocurrency is gaining prominence in the international geopolitical landscape, and is predicted to be widely accepted by 2022. Its increasing popularity and use cases mean its value is expected to grow to over $100,000 by the end of 2022, making it more expensive to invest in. Now is the time to invest in Bitcoin! Open the BitiCodes account and invest in Bitcoin with BitiCodes.

Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro and high ranked individuals or companies.

We’re a popular crypto web trading app which attracts a lot of attention from the media. For that reason, from time to time we are seeing unfounded claims about high ranked individuals of companies with association to BitiCodes iPlex, those entities include the below names, together with founded information we could find on media:"

  • Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro TESLA – Tesla is one of the investors with in Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro Jeff Bezos – From public information available, Jeff Bezos invested a hundred million in BTC back in 2013.
  • Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro Amazon – Back in 2016-2017 Amazon invested in a company name Circle Internet Financial – a blockchain startup.
  • Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro Elon Musk – Mr. Musk put a decent investment with a crypto startup name Open Bazaar.
  • Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro Martin Lewis – We could not find any public information that refers to Mr. Lewis in relation to cryptocurrency projects.

Biticodes & BTC iPlex Pro Highlights

🤖 Trading Platform Crypto Auto-Trading App
🖥️ Platform Fee No Fee
💰 Withdrawal Fee Free
💳 Deposit Option Visa, Mastercard, Comodo, Gpay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, Webmoney, Yandex
🏦 Minimum Deposit $250
🌍 Countries All countries are available except for USA

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