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The Crypto industry's most accurate auto-trading software

About Biticodes & latest BTC iPlex Pro Ai version

Biticodes & BTC iPlex Ai Pro is a complete crypto auto-trading software designed to help both beginner and expert traders make accurate and profitable trades. Biticodes & BTC iPlex Ai Pro offers quick and easy access to some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. With over 560,000 current active users, Biticodes & BTC iPlex Ai Pro has made it’s place in the industry as one of the most reliable and accurate auto-trading software.
With Biticodes & BTC iPlex Ai Pro innovative technology, you won’t need to have prior trading experience to make a profit. The software is designed to catch opportunities in the market, and because of its highly accurate technology, it’s considered much safer than trading on your own, no matter what your experience level may be.

How Auto-Trading Works?

The auto-trading system by Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro implements sophisticated algorithms based on the entry, exit, stop loss, and other rules to maximize profit or achieve pre-set trading goals. Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro is linked to the broker account and trading platform like MetaTrader to execute trading rules.
The system analyses technical indicators like moving averages, historical data, RSI, and MACD and executes the trade without the direct involvement of the trader.
Similarly, traders can establish specific rules based on the mentioned above technical indicators. For example, start selling off if cryptocurrency prices go below a particular level. Various trading strategies are applicable and customizable – one can apply their own trading style.

Benefits of Automated Trading with Biticodes & Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro

  • Ease of trade – with auto-trading, no experience is needed – algorithms execute trades for you; it is much easier than manual trading; 
  • Minimum time needed – a trader or an investor does not need to spend hours studying and analyzing charts to respond to market moves; 
  • No emotions – algorithms make decisions based on data rather than emotions, so the panic element is excluded. Even the most experienced traders can make mistakes because of emotions; 
  • Backtesting – trading rules are applied to historical market data, and technical indicators, so false interpretations, and misleading guesses are omitted; 
  • Trading discipline – trade is executed automatically; this is vital for volatile crypto markets; emotional and human factors are excluded from the trades; 
  • Speed – as human factors are excluded, the software immediately responds to market fluctuations and changes market conditions without any emotions and doubts; 
  • Diversity – BitiCodes enables users to implement multiple trading strategies applicable to a particular cryptocurrency at a time; 
  • Ease of monitoring – one can set notifications or reports upon desired preferences. 
  • Ready-to-use algorithms – no need for specific knowledge; there are a lot of pre-made algorithms to implement. However, one can also use own algorithms and trading preferences; 
  • Trading opportunities – with BitiCodes, you can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as altcoins; 
  • Accuracy – trades are executed right at the set indicators;
  • Customer support – you will have support from the moment you register.